A:  Brief period that happens 3x/year when new participants
may join the ongoing DBT group.  Learn more below...

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As per thought leader and DBT developer Dr. Marsha Linehan’s guidelines, even though it is optimum to start at Session 1, it is possible to enroll during the Mindfulness module 3x/year. We call these times the “Open Enrollment Period.”  (OEP)


Adults and teens can join during this OEP until the designated cutoff date, usually four weeks after the group starts.


After that, enrollment is closed until we finish the module. (Tuition is prorated to deduct those sessions that are missed.) 


Students who join during an OEP will be able to pick up the Mindfulness material in its essence, and then receive it fully at the beginning of the next module.


So it is possible to jump in "late" during this OEP, but again, it is always better to start at Session 1 if possible.


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