Let Go & Lighten UP with Lisa Wessan’s
Metaphysics of Weight Loss

Onward and Upward...Never Give Up!


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Group

Please visit this page for further information on how DBT
can help you with all of your "impulse issues," including food.


Programs of movement, meditation and release...
with a special focus on body image, weight management,
the inner and outer journey...


Are you a food medicator? Do you use food for reasons other than to nourish and strengthen your body? Everyone who has food issues already knows it is better to eat less, exercise more, and avoid your specific inflammatory foods and possibly whole food groups.

Instead of focusing on our baffling resistance to appropriate, healthy eating habits, we will learn to use holistic methods to reach a more helpful, loving level of consciousness in relation to food, fat and body size. We will learn helpful processes we can practice so we can move up the vibrational emotional scale to be able to go down the weight scale.

The Food FuneralSM

Many food medicators, uncontrolled diabetics and compulsive eaters need to begin a grieving process as they let go of their unwanted foods or food groups. The Food Funeral is an exercise in letting go of these foods. The Food Funeral uses interactive group role-playing to get to the origin of the core feelings concerning certain mystified, stigmatized and/or abused food groups.

Many useful tools and processes are explored to cope more successfully with food and body image issues. We learn to do our griefwork, but also laugh and have fun in the process.  As the poet and philosopher Kahlil Gibran once said, “If you don't cry all your tears you can't laugh all your laughs.

This program addresses the relapse/recovery syndrome and provides the emotional, spiritual and inspirational support to reach your goals. (Full weekend retreats available in combination with the Let Go & Lighten Up program.)


Interfaith, post-denominational spiritual aerobic workout including 45 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of dance meditation with beautiful structured movements of empowerment and grace. This program is accompanied by a multimedia presentation so attendees can sing along as we dance and move together. Music includes selections from Jewish, Christian, Hindi, Buddhist and Muslim traditions (wear comfortable clothes and bring water).

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