From “Declutter Your Mind, Home & Office”

 From the therapeutic laughter programs…

"Wonderful speaker! I need you at my church, especially at church council meetings!"

Jill Magnuson, Pastor
Jordan United Methodist Church
Jordan, New York

"Great job! Loved your energy, passion and vulnerability."

Madelyn Boynton
CPE Student (Clinical Pastoral Education)
University Hospital
Syracuse, New York

Thank you again for speaking at church on
"Sacred Spaces: Declutter Your Heart & Home." Many people have commented on how your message spoke to them and their own situation vis-a-vis a parent or partner. Your suggestion about talking with the person to understand the story behind the clutter and not just pushing ahead to throw things out was very helpful. The humor you brought to it all was also much appreciated. 

Rev. Cricket Potter
First Parish Church United
Westford, MA

"Lisa's lecture, 'From Clutter to Clarity: A Holistic Approach,' was one of the highest attended that we've had for our Adult Services Program. She filled the room to capacity and had the crowd enraptured with her practical,
yet enlightening PowerPoint presentation. I have had "decluttering" programs at the Library before but Lisa's approach was far more interesting than our past presenters...I have already invited Lisa back to do another program in June. I highly recommend her as a program presenter for libraries."

Kristina Leedberg
Head of Information Services
J. V. Fletcher Library
Westford, Massachusetts

Endorsements for keynotes and seminars related to “Team Building with Laughter” or
 “Healing with Laughter.”

"Whether it's facilitating a group of people to experience their natural, intrinsic laughter mechanism, or celebrating freedom from compulsive eating -- by having a Food Funeral -- or providing guided imagery to create a life you love, Lisa Wessan's ideas are innovative, unique and freeing.

Her passion runs deep -- she is committed to contribute and enliven whatever environment she's in.

When I saw Lisa facilitate an auditorium full of ethnically diverse elders, some not even being able to stand up without assistance, I thought, "She'll never get them to do a penguin laugh." But lo and behold, the room was transformed into a pack of laughing people, Lisa leading the way. It's a vision I'll never forget. Lisa rocks!"

Lois Barth, President
Healingworks On-Site Services, Inc.
New York, New York

"I attended your session on 'Healing with Laughter' at the Holistic Self Care Center
and I thoroughly enjoyed it…I felt pounds of stress lift from my shoulders and it stayed
that way for several days...I really would like to continue with this. Please keep me posted...and thanks for spreading the laughter and making it have value to the universe."

Melissa Carnevale, President
MouseHelp, LLC
Nashua, New Hampshire


"I'm so glad you're giving people this opportunity to obtain a new perspective of life and use laughter to transform their lives!"

Cristabel Cervantes, Student
Middlesex Community College
Lowell, MA

"Thank you for a dynamic, informative and vibrant evening. Your laughter workshop was well received by the women who attended. When I told people about your workshop, a broad smile automatically came across my face! The next day students from the workshop came by and smiled, breaking into laughter as they remembered your experiential component.

We look forward to working together in the future."

Zelda Braun, Assistant Dean of Students
Yeshiva University
New York, New York

"This was fabulous -- I had a very rough day at work -- and came here feeling discouraged and frustrated. I left with a much better, healthier frame of mind. Thank you!"

Deborah Matson
Nashua, NH

"I am writing to recommend Lisa Wessan as a laughter therapist. In my personal opinion, she did more for the 20 people that gathered for her seminar in 90 minutes than many professionals will do in a lifetime.

Through a very carefully thought out process of teaching, experiential learning and consistent corroboration, Lisa taught all of us how to move forward in our lives in a more relaxed and flexible way. She backed up everything she stated with scientific facts and figures and because we actually experienced the information given, no one disputed her teachings.

She laid out simple, easy ways to shift perspectives, to make you lift your spirits, heal and move forward in your life. Plus all 20 of us had a great time which further reinforced all that she taught.

I unequivocally recommend her - she has a practical message for everyone alive and learning it is fun. It is a powerful combination. I have become an advocate for "Therapeutic Laughter" techniques and philosophies."

Leslie Gabriele, Director
With Love & Gratitude Foundation
Bedford, MA


Your program, "Let Go & Lighten UP!" was outstanding...it came at the end of two long days and dissolved the fatigue!"

Louis and Kathy Emond
Nashua, New Hampshire

"Lisa Wessan not only brings the gift of laughter, she brings the presence of joy. She is a remarkable teacher, a gifted facilitator, and a model of menchlicheit"

Dr. Marc Kramer, Executive Director
"50 & Solo" of the JBFCS
New York, New York

"Thank you for sharing with us 'The Psychological and Physiological Benefits of Laughter' as a means to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. You have inspired those who offer medical and spiritual care with a renewed awakening of the power of positive emotions created by laughter."

The Reverend Tanya Atwood-Adams
Director, InterReligious Council of
Central New York
Spiritual Care Program
Syracuse, New York

"By the use of universal sounds and gestures, Lisa helps people feel commonly bonded and comfortable so they can identify with each other, laugh and be silly together in a very serious and powerful way…everyone participated, from all our diverse cultures…our souls were touched very deeply from this Laughter Circle."

Kathy Rutkowsky, RN
Director, Senior Care Center
Elmhurst Hospital-Mt. Sinai
School of Medicine
Elmhurst, New York

"Thank you so much for a night full of laughs. Your presentation, 'Healing with Laughter for Caregivers' was excellent. I got positive feedback from several attendees. I hope we can work together again soon."

Brunilda Mejia, Director of Admissions
Fairview Comprehensive Nursing Care
Hudson, New Hampshire

"Lisa Wessan's lively and interactive group session, "Lunch and Laugh," encouraged us to shed our inhibitions, release our stress, and laugh out loud without shame or guilt.

Lisa taught us that stress and miscarried grief are at the root of many degenerative physical illnesses, and can trigger mental illnesses as well.

Thanks to Lisa's experiential techniques, we learned that the use of therapeutic laughter is one of the most potent, accessible, inexpensive and reliable sources of stress management.
When combined with the other modalities, we now trust there can be magnificent healing results with Laughter Therapy!"

Naomi Dovdavany, Program Director
New York, New York

"I loved the roller coaster laugh! I have a back problem, but decided to let laughter distract me so I could participate with others...it was extraordinary! My only regret at Pastoral Care Day was being "all dressed up" so we couldn't get on the floor!"

Paul R. Darnell, DMin, LMHC
Syracuse, New York

Only a special teacher with extraordinary skills could affect us the way you did when you presented your "Laughter is the Best Medicine" session at our church...Thank you so much for transforming all of us in just one short session.

As the audience left the church hall, they seemed amazed at how much less stressed they felt: "I'm sure my blood pressure is much lower now!" "I don't think I've ever laughed this much since I was a young child!" " Now I know what Lisa meant by a 'laugh-induced massage'---I feel less anxious and SO mellow now!"

Thank you, Lisa....you performed a life changing service for all of us! Many of us are already planning on attending future workshops with you...See you soon!

Violet Dagdigian
St. Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church
North Andover, MA

"Thank you Lisa Wessan! Laughter Fitness was such an extraordinary experience....
We began as very mature adults and by the end of your Laughter Fitness program
we were transformed into the happy, connected, carefree, uninhibited children we once were. This was an incredible, powerful, healing, fun experience -- the best play date ever! It was good to be a kid again! Everyone on the planet should experience Laughter Fitness..."

Marie Herman, Creative Director
Mh by Design.com
New York, New York


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