Wessan Snow Policy

Goal: to go to any lengths to maintain the momentum of your
healing and wellness process. We want you to keep moving
forward with more serenity, one session at a time. 

Good news:

If snow closes schools and roads, we still have options…

FIRST: Check HERE to see current school closings.


Plan A = We do telephone or video sessions. These work very well. If wireless or phone service is not available, or you dislike video sessions, Plan B is in effect.


Plan B = When schools are closed, clients can cancel same day if needed with no “Late Cancel Fee.” 


Plan C = Reschedule for another day the same week or have an early morning or evening phone call or video session (7 AM - 10 PM for snow days).


I hope you find this useful.  I will also call you to check in a few hours before your appointment, to see what’s best for you.


Looking forward,

Onward and Upward, 

Lisa Wessan


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