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Declutter Your Mind,
Home & Office: A Holistic ApproachSM

"Over the mountain, more mountain…"

~ Korean Proverb

Having clutter at home or at work is a personal challenge that can distract, overwhelm and sometimes disable the clutterer and those
around him/her. This keynote discusses some characteristics of a person who clutters and how excess clutter affects health, energy, relationships and prosperity.

Successful strategies are explored, including techniques for the release of clutter, stress reduction and guided imagery.

All participants receive tip sheets and an annotated bibliography to help create a more harmonious and balanced life .

To connect with Lisa's ongoing support and discussion group for clutterers or those with hoarding tendencies, please call her.

Through the years I have found it wonderful to acquire, but it is also wonderful to divest.  It is rather like exhaling.

~ Helen Hayes
   Actress  (1900 - 1993)


“I am an instructional designer who appreciated your course's organization.  It set expectations, established credibility, included resources, provided experiential events and included reflection -- which is where the learning occurs -- great job!  Thank you!”

Linda Barrik
Wakefield, MA


Only when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired will you call for help.  Are you ready now?  Have you suffered long enough?  There is a solution, but only when you are ready.
~ Lisa Wessan


Distress Tolerance:
Many Paths Up the Mountain

Self Care

Based on the mind/body premise that every thought becomes a chemical reaction in the body, this workshop uses a multimodal approach to learning how to relax and renew body, mind and soul.

Processes include kinesiology demonstrations, learning new wordplay for better self talk, healing with sound, laughter meditation, guided imagery and body work using chair Reiki. Also included are a couple of useful skills from the Dialectical Behavior Therapy training for releasing intense emotions (DBT).

[For spiritual learning centers, this program includes non-denominational forgiveness and gratitude meditations.]

“Thank you for putting together such a wonderful session...I learned a lot and am leaving excited to begin meditating on my own now. “

Kim Jones
Natick, MA


Good-Bye to Guilt:
Advanced Communication for Better Working & Living

When do we feel close to someone? What makes us feel safe? How can we communicate more honestly about what we want? In this interactive workshop, it is possible to learn how to become more authentic in relationships.

Learn to have fun when negotiating with colleagues or loved ones; practice the release of guilt and other shame-based emotions. Learn to say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no, without having a meltdown.







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