After successful careers in biotechnology, broadcasting, executive sales, counseling and coaching, Wessan now serves individuals, groups and institutions who seek to access her unique blend of business and coaching experience.

In 1988, Wessan was certified as a Master Business and Life coach by Robert Fritz, PhD of DMA Inc., New York, New York. Wessan also received her Motivational Interviewing Certificate of Completion in February 2012, by The Health Education & Training Institute, Portland, ME (HETI).


Wessan offers multidimensional motivational and marketing techniques to support peak performance levels in both personal and professional settings.

Wessan's project management systems are customized for your goals. Working with Wessan is a twofold process.


First, your disruptive conditioning, mental blocks, negative beliefs and unconscious resistance must be identified and released. From this process alone, amazing results happen on many levels.

Second, it is important for you to learn how to increase your capacity for intuitive and creative ideas to express through you. This will help you to be able to make unexpected leaps without necessarily understanding how you did it.


Through relaxation techniques, neurolinguistic cues, evoking the genius within you and psychoeducation on how to leverage synchronicity, you can increase your intuitive reach and make extraordinary gains.

Wessan is based in Westford, MA, but travels widely and uses videoconferencing for remote training and coaching.


Call (978) 631-0349 for more information or send email HERE.




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